Aboriginal health

During your training you may like to consider training in an accredited Aboriginal Community Controlled Health Service (ACCHS).

What is an ACCHS?

ACCHSs are Aboriginal organisations that provide primary health care and related services to their local community. They deliver holistic and culturally appropriate health care using a multidisciplinary team approach to ensure the best possible outcomes for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health.

ACCHSs vary in size and the services they offer. Services generally include primary clinical care delivered by GPs working with Aboriginal health professionals with an emphasis on holistic and preventive care, delivered in a culturally safe environment.

Why train in an ACCHS?

There are many benefits to undertaking part of your GP training in an Aboriginal health training post , including:

  • a better understanding of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health that can then be applied in an ACCHS or a mainstream general practice with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander patients
  • working as part of a team that delivers holistic health care
  • understanding the disparities in Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal health status, and why it is important to close the gap.

Hear from other registrars about what they enjoy about training in Aboriginal health.

Where can you train?

There are accredited ACCHS training facilities across NSW and ACT. You can access a list of all accredited facilities on the GP Synergy Aboriginal health website or via the term placement portal in GPRime.

For more information about training in Aboriginal health visit the GP Synergy Aboriginal health website.

Useful resources

  • ACCHS online courses on GP ed
    • ACCHS Part 1 is specifically designed to provide GP registrars with cultural awareness and understanding around the complexities of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander holistic health.
    • ACCHS Part 2 is a supplementary lesson for registrars interested in applying to work in an Aboriginal Community Controlled Health Service
  • GPT1 ACCHS Guidelines
  • Cultural mentoring (including Cultural Mentoring and GP Registrar Agreement, Cultural Mentoring and GP Registrar Agreement – Practice logs help sheet, Cultural Mentoring and GP Registrar – Mentoring Log and Cultural Mentoring Log – user guide)