There are many acronyms in GP training.

Below are some of the common acronyms, for a comprehensive list refer to the GP Synergy Acronym & Abbreviation Cheat Sheet.

ACCHS Aboriginal Community Controlled Health Service
ACRRM Australian College of Rural and Remote Medicine
ADF Australian Defence Force
AGPT Australian General Practice Training
AKT Applied Knowledge Test (RACGP exam)
ALS Advanced Life Support
AMS Aboriginal Medical Service
APLS Advanced Paediatric Life Support
ARSP Advanced Rural Skills Post
ARST Advanced Rural Skills Training
AST Advanced Skills Training
BLS Basic Life Support
CA Competency Assessment
CCEClinical Competency Exam (RACGP Exam)
CoT Completion of Training
CPR Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation
CTV Clinical Teaching Visit
Deputy DoET Deputy Director of Education and Training
DoET Director of Education and Training
DORE Director of Registrar Education (ACT & NSW)
DOSE Director of Supervisor Education (ACT & NSW)
DOTS Direct Observation Teaching Session
EAF Extension Awaiting Fellowship
ES Extended Skills
FA Formative Assessment
FACCRM Fellowship of Australian College of Rural and Remote Medicine
FRACGP Fellowship of the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners
FTEFull-time equivalent
GPRA General Practice Registrar Association
GPRime GP Registrar Information Management & Education
(GP Synergy’s information management system)
GPSN General Practice Student Network
GPT1 General Practice Term 1 (RACGP)
GPT2 General Practice Term 2 (RACGP)
GPT3 General Practice Term 3 (RACGP)
IOS Initial Observation Session
KFP Key Feature Problem (RACGP exam)
ME Medical Educator
MiniCEX Mini Clinical Evaluation Exercise
MSF Multi-Source Feedback
NSW RDN New South Wales Rural Doctors Network
PA Programmatic Assessment
PGA Pre-GPT1 Assessment
RACGP Royal Australian College of General Practitioners
RCA Random Case Analysis
RCE Remote Clinical Exam
RDAA Rural Doctors Association Australia
RHoE Regional Head of Education
RG Rural Generalist
RLO Registrar Liaison Officer
RPMRural Programs Manager
RSO Registrar Support Officer
RPL Recognition of Prior Learning
RTO Regional Training Organisation
TA Training Advice
TCTraining Coordinator
VMO Visiting Medical Officer