Communication with you

How we communicate with you

There are a number of ways we will communicate with you during your training, as well as opportunities for you to provide feedback.

It is important that you review any information sent to you and contact us when requested.


Our primary form of communication is via email. Please ensure you check your email regularly and respond to requests as soon as possible. It is your responsibility to keep your email address updated.

Training updates

Each month you will receive a link to the monthly training update for registrars via email. These updates provide important training information, key dates and any changes or news relevant to your training.

Registrar training updates can be accessed directly on the GP Synergy website at Registrar training updates or via the Messages tile on your GPRime training portfolio dashboard.

The training updates are an important means of staying up to date with the training program and we recommend you spare some time each month to read each edition.

Training Advisory (TA) contacts

After accepting a training offer with GP Synergy you will have had an initial Induction TA with a Medical Educator (ME) to review your experience to date and discuss your future training plans.

Once you commence training, each term (or every six months) you will have a TA contact with your ME.

This is a scheduled opportunity to touch base about:

  • your training pathway and the requirements you need to fulfill to successfully progress through the program
  • your feedback and reports on recent assessments completed
  • any issues or concerns you or your medical educator may have.

Your ME will also review and discuss your training progress.

You are encouraged to schedule additional TA contacts during your term as needed.

Who can you contact?

Your first port of call should be your Training Coordinator (TC) or ME.

Your TC will be able to assist you with administrative training related queries and requirements.

Most MEs generally work part time as they also work in general practice. If you need urgent assistance from an ME, please contact your TC who can triage your call to an available ME.

How you can communicate with us

There are many ways you can provide feedback on your training and your experience in training with us. This includes:

Also see Feedback for more information.