Critical incidents

GP Synergy is required to report to the RACGP any critical incidents or adverse events that occur during training. These critical incidents may be registrar, supervisor or practice incidents.

The RACGP’s Reporting Critical Incidents and Adverse Events – Guidance Document defines these as:

  • Adverse event: any event which causes disruption to an organisation, creates significant danger or risk or where registrars, supervisors, practice staff, regional training organisation staff, or patients feel unsafe, vulnerable or under stress.
  • Critical incident: an adverse event resulting in serious harm.

If an adverse or critical event occurs for a registrar, GP Synergy will follow the Registrars Requiring Additional Assistance Policy and/or the Grievance Handling Policy as required.

Critical incidents can be a stressful event for a registrar. We encourage you to debrief about any critical incidents with your supervisor, medical educator, medical defence organisation or other qualified person.

If GP Synergy assesses an incident as a critical incident to be reported to the RACGP the registrar will be notified prior to reporting.

All information will be handled according to GP Synergy’s Privacy Policy.