Education evaluations

Why do we evaluate the registrar education program?

GP Synergy’s registrar education program is evaluated to assist with continual quality improvement of the educational curriculum.

Evaluations use systematic, evidence-based methods for collecting and analysing the data to help answer key questions about the relevance, acceptability, efficiency, effectiveness and impact of the educational activities.

Evaluation has many purposes, including:

  • determining the level of achievement of stated learning objectives
  • checking that the educational content is clear, engaging, up-to-date and meets your learning needs
  • identifying any issues that can be rectified the next time it is presented
  • identifying aspects you find most useful or helpful
  • providing evidence of the benefits and impacts of training
  • identifying areas for improving presentations
  • ensuring you have an ongoing voice in the content and style of educational activities
  • making recommendations and guiding decisions for future curriculum development
  • providing relevant information to stakeholders, including other registrars, medical educators, GP Synergy senior management and administrators of the AGPT program
  • demonstrating achievements.
Every voice matters so you should complete the evaluations of educational activities.

GP Synergy continually responds to registrars’ feedback and adjusts programs accordingly. It is important to hear from all registrars so that any changes made to the education program suit the majority of GP registrars.

Responding to evaluations is also a great way for you to ‘pay it forward’ – by providing constructive evaluation responses that benefit future registrars – just as previous registrars have influenced the program.