Extended skills

You are required to complete six months (full time equivalent) of extended skills during your training.

The purpose of the extended skills term is to extend the depth and breadth of your skills and knowledge base, in a special interest area relevant to primary medical care.

This training requirement can be met in a number of different ways:

  • In a hospital setting prior to starting your GPT1 term or at any time during training.
  • In a community based non-GP setting (e.g. sexual health clinic). Depending on the post registrars will be granted approval for these after they have successfully completed at least GPT1 and in some instances GPT2 or GPT3 terms.
  • In a general practice, this type of extended skills post can only be undertaken once you have successfully completed all of GPT1, GPT2 and GPT3.

Examples of extended skills include:

  • extended skills in a hospital setting, such as emergency medicine
  • extended skills in general practice, such as aged care or women’s health
  • extended skills in community based non-GP settings
  • academic posts and medical education
  • Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health extended skills posts.

It is worth getting organised early to ensure you have the appropriate approval to undertake your extended skills term. Discuss your options with your medical educator early in your training to help you plan your extended skills.

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