Focused learning plans & remediation

Your medical educator, supervisor or a clinical teaching visitor may identify learning needs that warrant a Focused Learning Plan (FLP). FLPs help registrars identified as needing extra assistance with certain areas of their practice.

FLPs identify specific registrar learning needs and may cover communication skills, consulting skills, professionalism, clinical knowledge and/or clinical decision making. The FLP directs registrars to appropriate resources and activities to help them address their needs.

An FLP is prepared, implemented and completed within training time. The timeframe of an FLP varies and is discussed and documented as part of the process.

Registrars develop their FLP in discussion with their medical educator and supervisor. This is an important part of the process to successfully identify individualised learning needs and completion within an agreed time frame.

Not all registrars will successfully complete their FLP. The consequences could be:

  • entering into another FLP
  • entering into a formal remediation term
  • withdrawal from training.

Formal remediation

If a registrar is requiring extra training time in order to meet identified learning needs, then this time is called a formal remediation term. This is outlined in the Registrars Requiring Additional Assistance Policy and the RACGP Registrar Remediation Policy.

The formal remediation plan will be developed by the registrar and their medical educator, in discussion with the registrar’s supervisor and will be individualised to address the registrar’s identified learning needs. The remediation plan will then be submitted to the RACGP for review and approval.

The registrar’s training time will be paused for the period of remediation; a remediation term is usually three or six months. The outcomes of a successful or unsuccessful remediation term will be discussed as part of the formal remediation plan.

The remediation term will be monitored by the medical educator, and the registrar will be kept informed of their progress and outcomes.