GP term placement process

GP term placement occurs every six months and is designed to create flexibility and choice for registrars and practices. It also addresses the primary healthcare needs of communities, strengthens quality standards and capabilities of training facilities and ensures equitable access for practices participating in the training program.

There are several key steps in the GP term placement process.

1. Re-enrol and nominate grouping preference

Every six months you are required to re-enrol to advise GP Synergy of your training intentions for the coming term.

If you wish to enter a GP term you will be asked to nominate which ‘grouping’ in your subregion you would like to train in as part of meeting your Training Location Obligations (TLOs).You also have the opportunity to outline your plan for meeting your TLOs during future training and the reasons supporting the timing of your grouping preferences.

2. Grouping allocation and application to practices

Your grouping preferences are reviewed for eligibility and availability. You will be allocated to a grouping taking your preference, eligibility, stage of training and availability into account. All effort is made to accommodate your first preference.

Once your grouping has been allocated, a list of GP Synergy accredited training facilities in that grouping will then be open to applications from registrars. Applications are made through the Placement Portal in GPRime.

A term placement webinar is delivered to help you understand this process. Details regarding the webinar will be emailed to you and will be included in training updates. Registrars unable to attend the webinar can access a recording through GPRime.

3. Practice interviews

Practices will review registrar applications and then select which registrar/s they would like to offer a training place to. Selection of registrars is up to the practice.

Practices can only train a limited number of registrars per supervisor and per practice. This number may change from term to term.

When you are successful in being offered a placement with a practice, you will commence the process of applying for a Medicare provider number. Medicare provider numbers are only valid for the six-month term.

Placement duration

Registrars can stay longer than six months in a practice as long as they meet their training location obligations for their subregion and their college requirements. Registrars need to participate in re-enrolment every six months, even if they are staying in the same practice.

Detailed information about the GP term placement process, including key dates, can be found in the Registrar GP Term Placement Guide.