GP Synergy delivers an out-of-practice education program to all GPT1 and GPT2 registrars to attend over a calendar year.

The registrar educational program has been designed to ensure all registrars irrespective of where they train will have an equitable educational experience.

All subregional education programs deliver a set of agreed ‘common topics’ such as communication skills, paediatrics and musculoskeletal medicine.

The registrar education program also addresses subregional community health needs by including regionally decided topics such as farm health in Western NSW.

All registrar education programs include the following:

  • nationally identified health priority needs (such as diabetes, dementia and asthma)
  • topics difficult to master in private study alone (such as communication skills, chronic diseases and adolescent health)
  • Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health and cultural awareness training – includes mandatory workshop and GP ed course completion requirements
  • mental health skills training
  • opportunities for peer-to-peer learning.

Full-time GP registrars are expected to attend all educational events within the term.

Part-time registrars are expected to attend half of the educational events within their  term. Prior to starting the semester part-time registrars will be asked what educational events they intend to attend.

If you miss a compulsory educational event, you will need to discuss with your medical educator how you will make up the missed event.

Finding out about upcoming registrar educational events

All GPT1 and GPT2 registrars receive email invitations to educational events prior to each individual event.

You can access your education program in GPRime or the registrar education calendar on our website.