GPRime overview

GPRime2 is the online information management system that will act as your homepage during your GP training with GP Synergy.

When you join GP Synergy it is recommended you spend some time exploring GPRime so you can make the most of it during your training.

In addition to acting as your personal homepage, GPRime also provides information to help you in your training, including:

  • My Contact Details: use the User Account icon (top right corner) to select My Contact Details. It is important to keep your personal details up to date with GP Synergy.
  • Trainee Portfolio: provides an overview of your training requirements and those that you have completed to date. Your contact details, along with the details of your current practice, Regional Head of Education (RHoE), Medical Educator (ME), Cultural Educator (CE) and Education Coordinator (EC) can also be found in your Trainee Portfolio.
  • Procedural Skills Log: the log is the means to verify you have been observed performing basic general practice procedural skills competently.
  • Practice Log: practice logs are the weekly entry required to be completed by registrars in GP terms and signed off by their supervisors.
  • Events: the Events panel allows you to access training events that are coming up, and those that you have previously attended.
  • Quick Links & Subscriptions: provides access to many free educational resources, including Therapeutic Guidelines (eTG), Australian Medicine Handbook (AMH) Support GPT and online educational modules.
  • Forms, Documents & Links: this search function will direct you to guidance documents, forms and policies relevant to your GP training.
  • Placement Portal: this portal is where you apply to practices for your GP terms.
  • Drop Box: used to upload all your documents (e.g. your ALS Certificate  so we can review it and sign the requirement as complete). Ensure you notify your ME and EC each time you upload a document.

There is also a GPRime app for Apple users to access some of GPRime’s functions on your Apple device. Currently registrars can use the GP Synergy app to view, edit, save and submit practice logs.

Other external educational content (e.g. the mobile versions of eTG and SupportGPT) can be accessed from both Apple and Android phones.

If you have problems accessing GPRime please contact GP Synergy’s IS support team on IS_support@gpsynergy.com.au.

For assistance using GPrime functions please contact your EC.

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