In-practice assessment

During your training you will participate in a number of in-practice assessments. These assessments provide you with feedback about your progress in training. They are key to identifying learning needs and gaps you need to address to become a competent GP. All of these assessments contribute towards Programmatic Assessment.

Initial Observation Session (IOS)

The IOS is undertaken in GP terms 1-3 between weeks 1-4. In this assessment your supervisor observes two of your full consultations and provides feedback to you about what you are doing well and what could be improved. This assessment is designed to identify your learning needs early in the term and if there are any concerns that need specific support.

Supervisor Competency Assessment (CA)

CAs are supervisor assessments undertaken during general practice terms. There are two CAs in terms GPT1, GPT2, GPT3 and Extended Skills in General Practice. These assessments are completed by your supervisor after directly observing your competency in clinical practice. Your supervisor will discuss this assessment with you then submit the report through GPRime. Your medical educator will review and sign off the report so it is stored on your portfolio.

Clinical Teaching Visit (CTV)

RACGP registrars have five CTVs during their GP term training. Two in each of GPT1/2 and a fifth in their GPT3 term. Historically, a clinical teaching visit is where a GP Medical Educator observes your consultations for a session. The educator then provides specific feedback about each consultation. During the COVID-19 pandemic, GP Synergy has carried out remote CTVs to ensure patient, registrar and CT visitor safety whilst continuing to support registrar education and development towards fellowship.

Multi-Source Feedback (MSF)

MSF provides you with feedback from patients, your practice nurse and practice manager. The feedback is collated into a report which is returned to you, your medical educator and supervisor for reflective discussion. The MSF is only completed once in your GPT1 term unless the report is not completed successfully or the report raises specific concern.

Procedural Skills Log

The procedural skills log is an electronic log of procedures which you complete during training. These skills are basic general practice procedural skills you are expected to be competent in at different stages of training. Each procedural skill will need to be signed off by your supervisor or medical educator as competently achieved.

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