Key staff

GP Synergy has a large team of more than 200 people based across our nine offices in NSW and ACT.

The staff that registrars should be aware of in the design, management and delivery of the training program include:

Director of Education and Training and Deputy Director of Education and Training

The Director of Education and Training (DoET) and Deputy DoET are medical educators that have the responsibility of directing the NSW and ACT training and education program at GP Synergy. They lead the medical education team and work with GP Synergy senior management to ensure excellence in our daily operations and delivery of AGPT.

Director of Registrar Education ACT and NSW

The Director of Registrar Education (DoRE) oversees the development and implementation of registrar education programs and ensures AGPT training standards are met and maintained. The DoRE also ensures the GP Synergy’s registrar education programs are consistent with the RACGP curriculum.

Director of Supervisor Education ACT and NSW

The Director of Supervisor Education (DoSE) oversees the development and implementation of  the education program for supervisors. The DoSE also provides educational support to supervisors and is assisted in this role by the Medical Educators with a Supervisor Portfolio (MESPs).

Regional Head of Education and Deputy Regional Head of Education

The Regional Head of Education (RHoE) and Deputy Regional Head of Education (DRHoE) are senior medical educators that lead GP Synergy’s subregional medical education teams. They have responsibility for overseeing registrar and supervisor education and training in their subregion.

Medical Educator

Medical Educators (MEs) are GPs who work for GP Synergy in a part-time capacity. Every registrar has a dedicated ME assigned at the beginning of training. MEs guide registrars in their education and learning. In addition to regular scheduled training advisory contacts (TAs), registrars are encouraged to contact their ME with any training queries or concerns at any time. Your ME’s contact details can be found in your GPRime training portfolio.

Training Coordinator

Training Coordinators (TCs) are a key contact for registrars within each subregion. TCs are often the first port of call for registrars with administrative or training queries or issues. Each TC works closely with the medical education team in their subregion. Contact details can be found here.

Rural Programs Manager

The Rural Programs Manager (RPM) facilitates the training pathway of registrars training to be procedural GPs/rural generalists. The RPM provides information and advice from the beginning of training through to the end of training and beyond. The RPM has an overall view of NSW and ACT and the opportunities available to train and work as a rural generalist.

Rural Support Officer

The Rural Support Officer (RSO) team provide ongoing support and practical on-the-ground assistance for registrars entering and relocating within rural areas. Learn more about our RSO team, and rural support and subsidies here.

Registrar Liaison Officer

Registrar Liaison Officers (RLO) are current GP Synergy registrars that assist registrars with pastoral care, information and support. RLOs also advocate and support registrars at the GP Synergy management level and provide input into relevant education programs. Contact details for the RLSO in each subregion can be found here.