There are many types of leave available for registrars.

In addition to the allowable sick and annual leave entitlements (see the National Terms and Conditions for the Employment of Registrars), you can apply for additional leave to put your training time on hold.

If you are thinking of taking leave from the training program it’s important that you discuss your plans with your training coordinator and/or medical educator as it may have implications for your sitting of fellowship exams and completion of training.

Leave from training will be managed in accordance with the AGPT Program Leave Policy.

Two common types of leave are outlined below. These and other types of leave are outlined in further detail in the AGPT Program Leave Policy.

Category 1 leave – legislated leave

Category 1 leave is available to all registrars, and includes parental leave, sick leave with valid certificates, and carer’s leave with valid certificates.

Leave may only be approved by GP Synergy based on supporting documents and evidence provided by the registrar.

Category 1 leave is not counted towards your training time or training cap of four years (FTE).

Category 2 leave – additional leave

Category 2 leave is for personal reasons or reasons not included under Category 1 Leave, such as holiday leave.

It is not automatically granted and must be approved by GP Synergy’s CEO. Category 2 leave is capped at 26 weeks (6 calendar months) regardless of whether you are in full-time or part-time training.

Category 2 leave is counted towards your four years training cap so please discuss this with your medical educator to determine your individual training needs.

Category 3 – Australian Defence Force (ADF) Service Leave

Further information on ADF Service Leave can be found in the AGPT Australian Defence Force Registrars Policy 2019.

COVID-19 leave

COVID-19 leave is also available for registrars who have had their progression through training disrupted by the COVID-19 pandemic.  It is initially for up to six months (extended leave can be considered in specific circumstances) and does not count towards your training time cap.  Please contact your training coordinator or medical educator for advice relating to your individual circumstances.

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