Mandatory terms

The first year of RACGP GP training is in a hospital setting and can be done as early as PGY2. As a GP Synergy registrar you make your own arrangements for this hospital year and notify us of the specific hospital term you will complete.

After completing the intern year, all GP registrars require a further 12 months in an Australian hospital in accredited clinical hospital positions before commencing the first GP term placement. If you completed hospital training overseas, you will require 24 months in Australian hospitals in accredited clinical positions.

At the end of the hospital year, you must submit evidence of satisfactory completion of each term. This evidence is in the form of an end of term assessment form for each term and a Statement of Service from the JMO Manager (or equivalent) with the dates of the rotation included. You can submit this evidence through your GPRime Drop box.

Prior to commencing a GP term placement you must have successfully completed the following type of clinical hospital term placements within the last five years:

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