Medicare provider numbers

In any general practice term registrars must have a Medicare Provider Number (MPN). The MPN enables you to bill under Medicare. There are different types of MPNs and it is important that you get the correct type of MPN.

Common pitfalls include:

  • obtaining an MPN for referral – when an MPN is also required for billing
  • only obtaining an MPN for the main practice – when you are working at multiple sites
  • not obtaining an MPN for Visiting Medical Officer (VMO) work – for registrars working as a VMO in a nearby hospital.

Please make sure you talk to the practice manager of your upcoming practice about the types of MPN you will need and ensure that the forms are completed correctly. This is your responsibility.

Detailed information about MPNs and the forms you need to complete can be found in the Term Placement Information for Registrars.