Planning your learning

It is important for you to plan your learning whilst progressing through GP training. The benefits of planning your learning include:

  • helping you identify learning gaps and goals (especially those that are unknown)
  • helping you identify specific clinical areas of interest you may not have realised you had
  • increasing your confidence and competency in clinical practice
  • helping you achieve competencies in procedural skills, communication and consultation skills
  • ensuring curriculum topics are not missed – particularly identified health priority areas
  • helping you identify appropriate educational resources to enable you to address your learning needs as you progress towards fellowship
  • maximising learning productivity in your allocated study time
  • helping you know whether you have actually achieved the learning you intended to learn through the process of evaluation of your learning plan.

Risks for GP registrars that do not plan their learning include:

  • disorganised learning and missing learning important curriculum topics
  • decrease in confidence
  • patient safety concerns
  • not addressing known and unknown knowledge gaps
  • decrease in job satisfaction
  • a narrow knowledge baseline
  • failure to keep up to date
  • difficulty in passing the RACGP exams.

As GP registrars spend most of their time working in-practice, it is understandable that the majority of your learning is undertaken while in clinical practice. It is important that you reflect clinically to help you identify where confidence or certainty in your consultations is lacking. This will help you identify further learning gaps.

You can help plan your learning by:

  • developing a learning plan
  • adding to your learning plan every time you see a patient where you have needed to seek assistance
  • discussing learning early and often in your training pathway with your ME, supervisor/s, and CTV visitors
  • reviewing and regularly reflecting on feedback provided in programmatic assessment reports

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