Preparing for GP terms

Learning Activities Packages

The Learning Activities Packages (LAPs) are a set of learning activities you complete to help you prepare for your first GP term and to progress through GP training.

The LAPs are found using Quick Links & Subscriptions in GPRime.

The LAPs are divided as follows:

  • LAP 1: learning activities for hospital and GPT1 registrars
  • LAP 2: learning activities for GPT2, GPT3 and GPT4 registrars.

They include learning activities such as online learning modules covering the following topics:

  • MBS billings
  • childhood immunisations
  • prescribing
  • referrals and request writing
  • introduction to general practice
  • consultation skills.

Whilst some learning activities are compulsory, others are not, but are highly recommended for you to review and complete depending on your learning needs.

Basic Life Support and Advanced Life Support requirements

The RACGP also has requirements for both Basic Life Support (BLS) and Advanced Life Support (ALS). The mandatory requirements must be met before starting a GP term, during training, and prior to completion of training. For more details refer to BLS and ALS Requirements and Guidance Document for Registrars available on GPRime.