A programmatic approach to assessment

A programmatic approach to assessment promotes the importance of learning through activities that are meaningful and relevant to you by providing you regular feedback, enabling the best method for learning.

Different assessments are used, carried out by multiple assessors and information is triangulated to ascertain how you are performing and progressing through training. Assessment tools are purposefully chosen, to assess particular competencies at specified stages of training. Waiting until the college exams (i.e. the final summative exams) to ascertain competency is often too late in identifying learning needs. A programmatic approach to assessment enables a process where earlier identification of learning gaps occur.

No single assessment alone must be passed. Information on your clinical and professional competencies is collected and reviewed together to provide a ‘bigger picture’ of your overall performance. This provides a more meaningful overview as to how you are performing, compared to the more traditional review in utilizing singular assessment tools at any one point in time.

A programmatic approach to assessment optimises:

  • the program’s learning function, benefiting you
  • the program’s decision-making function, benefitting you and GP Synergy
  • the curriculum’s quality-assurance function, benefitting you and your training program.

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