Registrar financial support guidelines

GP Synergy’s Registrar Financial Support Guidelines apply to all registrars who are enrolled in the AGPT program with GP Synergy and undertaking training units.

There are specific support and subsidy entitlements available for the following registrars:

  • registrars traveling considerable distances to attend GP Synergy educational workshops
  • registrars who work, train and reside in a rural placement for a minimum of four nights per week on average over a six-month term
  • registrars undertaking procedural training
  • Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander registrars
  • special consideration may also be given to requests for additional support from registrars experiencing financial hardship due to extenuating circumstances.

For the purposes of these guidelines, rural is defined as locations with an MMM3-7 classification determined using the Department of Health’s rural and remote classification scheme – the Modified Monash Model (MMM). The Doctor Connect Health Workforce Locator can be used to search the MMM classification by map or address.

The Rural Support Officer (RSO) team provide ongoing support and practical on-the-ground assistance for registrars entering and relocating within rural areas. Learn more about our RSO team, and rural support and subsidies here.

From 1 February 2023 registrars will receive financial support through the National Consistent Payments Framework. Financial support from $1,800 to $9,250 per six months for:

  • relocation expenses
  • rental assistance
  • travel and accommodation for education and training
  • payments are tiered according to location MMM2-7.

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