Learning resources

There is an abundance of resources available to you as a registrar to help with your learning. It is a matter of working out the resources that suit your learning needs best.

As you develop your learning plan each week it’s a great idea to do some online case studies and further reading as well as speak to your supervisor about how to meet your learning needs.

In training advisory contacts with your medical educator, reflective discussion on your performance in recent programmatic assessments will also be an opportunity to find out about useful resources relevant to your learning.

GPRime resources

GP Synergy provides registrars with access to a range of resources through the Quick Links & Subscriptions tab in GPRime.

The types of resources available can help you in your clinical consultations and self-directed learning. These resources include:

  • resources to help in your clinical consultations on a day-to-day basis:
    • Therapeutic Guidelines (eTG complete), both online and app versions are available
    • Australian Medicines Handbook
    • Health Pathways
    • Online module – ACCHS
    • Online module – Research Skills.
  • resources to help you prepare for your first GP term placement:
    • Online module – Immunisation
    • Online module – MBS Billing
    • Learning Activities Packages.
  • resources to help you and your supervisor with in-practice teaching and education:
    • SupportGPT (online modules).

Useful resources