Trainee portfolio

The trainee portfolio module on GPRime provides an overview of your training requirements and those that you have completed to date.

Your contact details, along with the details of your current practice, medical educator and education coordinator can also be found in your trainee portfolio.

The email address and phone number listed here are the primary methods of contact from GP Synergy staff – please ensure these are kept up to date.

Your trainee portfolio is accessed via the GPRime main menu (left-side menu).

The trainee portfolio (see below) includes a number of important tabs:

  • Basic Information – includes your contact information, the main contact details for GP Synergy staff related to your subregion, current placement contact details and your regional profile that lists your LDH/PHN and your Registrar Liasion Officer’s contact details.
  • Summary – a summary of your current, outstanding and upcoming training requirements.
  • Placements – a summary of your past and current placements (includes approved Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL)) and your training location obligation status.
  • Requirements – a detailed list of training requirements by term.
  • Correspondence – a list of correspondence sent by GP Synergy team members to you.
  • Events – a record of your attendance at GP Synergy events and links to workshop resources.
  • Trainee details – details such as demographics, Medicare provider numbers and completion of training summary.
  • Other information – additional training information. Documents uploaded by drop box are stored here.
  • Print portfolio – a handy ‘print ready’ view of your portfolio.