Visiting medical officers

A Visiting Medical Officer (VMO) is a medical practitioner in private practice who also provides medical services in a public hospital.

VMOs are generally not hospital employees but are contracted by the Local Health District (LHD) to provide specific medical services in nominated health facilities. Exceptions, such as rural generalist registrars in the Murrumbidgee LHD, may undertake VMO work as employees rather than contractors. For a GP registrar to work at the local hospital they must be ‘credentialed’ by the relevant LHD and sign a contract with NSW Health to provide their services to the hospital.

Registrars are required to fully participate in the scope of clinical practice of their training facility. If the practice participates in the VMO or an after hours roster it is expected that registrars also participate on this roster under supervision.

Participating in the full breadth of general practice including VMO work at the local hospital is highly encouraged as it provides a rich and rewarding educational experience and meets a significant part of the curriculum.

GP Synergy offers a Rural Emergency Skills Training (REST) course at the beginning of each year and subsidises REST courses throughout the year for registrars that are participating in VMO work. Please see the VMO FAQs and the Registrar Support Guidelines and Forms for more information.

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