Work Health and Safety

GP Synergy is committed to supporting the provision of safe and healthy training post environments for registrars. It is important that GP Synergy is notified of any Work Health and Safety (WHS) issues, critical incidents or adverse events during your training. If one of these issues occurs it is important to notify your training coordinator and/or your medical educator immediately.

You should discuss WHS with your supervisor and/or practice manager at your orientation to the practice. This would include the management of hazards, near misses and incidents should they occur.

All registrars are expected to report WHS issues to their employer (training post/supervisor) in the first instance, and to advise GP Synergy that they have occurred. Please also see information about critical incidents in this toolkit.

Definition of terms

Critical incident: an adverse event resulting in serious harm.

Adverse event: any event which causes disruption to an organisation, creates significant danger or risk or where registrars, supervisors, practice staff, regional training organisation staff, or patients feel unsafe, vulnerable or under stress.

Hazard:  something that has the potential to injure or harm people, property and equipment

Incident: is an event that has the potential to or does lead to an injury or damage to property and equipment as result of losing control of a hazard.

Near miss: any unplanned incidents that occurred at the workplace which, although not resulting in any injury or disease, had the potential to do so.

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